Handshakes is a cute block-pushing puzzle game

Handshakes was originally made for the Lost Relic game jam, but has been updated since to add more levels and polish to the game. This puzzle, block pushing game has you controlling two characters that each have a set number of movies before they will run out of arm space to go forward.

These moves are defined by a square in the grid. You can move your hands through these squares, with the goal of creating a handshake – by linking them together. This seems like a really simple concept, until you see levels with only one path to go through, walls that are closed off, and boxes that seem to be in the way. Suddenly, something as simple as a handshake becomes a challenge as you navigate these various levels.

The interesting thing about Handshakes is in the movement. You can actually backtrack your hand, without moving back boxes, and gain back those moves. This allows more freedom then other move-based block pusher games, where you often have a set number of moves and as you move they completely use up. These hands feel so unique in so many ways.

You can also use the walls and buttons to cut off a hand – which sounds bad, but in the game can create a block for you to push around and use to trigger more buttons. Your character doesn’t actually get hurt by losing a hand, but it might not come in handy if it is blocking the path between the two characters, who just need to shake hands.

Handshakes is a juice game, with confetti falling whenever you complete the level. The graphics are charming and make the challenges feel less challenging, as it’s so cute and fun. Currently, the game has 29 levels and a speed running mode, with more plans in the future for a full release!

At the moment, you can play Handshakes on itch.io, and the developers are looking for feedback via the comment section. Any comments implemented into the game, you will be put in the credits when the game fully releases on Steam and itch.io planned for the end of 2022.

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