Golf Peaks

Golf Peaks has you making golf shots with cards

Golf Peaks is a golf puzzle game, but instead of having a strength bar and needing to aim the perfect angle, you find yourself using cards and just picking the direction that you want the ball to be hit towards. It’s a really simple game, visually, which allows you to understand and see what you are doing in each map.

In each level, there are a few cards at the bottom of the screen. These will show you what the ball will do, when selected. Often, there is a number of spaces that the ball will move, and sometimes, arrows indicating the ball will jump up a set number of spaces, before moving forward. You will then need to look at the map and decide when it is best to use these cards.

In Golf Peaks, you can pick the order that you use your card, so knowing when to best use them is the key to solving these puzzles. The map itself is clearly marked by a grid, however, often there are things like arrows to show if the ball will roll off of those blocks and into another area. This needs to be kept in mind!

As you make your way through the second world, you will find that there are more new mechanics being added; jumping over some blocks, and being able to hit corners to change directions. This completely changes what you need to do! You can restart a level, or undo a bunch of your moves, which can help you figure out the correct way to play the level.

Golf Peaks is a very cute game, with confetti coming out of the hole when you make it in. The color pallet is lovely, and everything is visually quite appealing!

You can find Golf Peaks on Android, iOS, PC Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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