Flowlines VS.

Flowlines VS. allows you to challenge your friends

Flowlines VS. is a game that can be played in both single player and multiplayer mode, with the same basic goals; connect all of the lines on your screen while filling in every single hexagon tile that you come across. It’s a challenge, but simple to look at one that easily can be understood by most ages!

Flowlines VS. sees you connect two colored tiles together, using a line. You can move these lines around, but cannot intersect them, unless there is a tile to do so, but we will go into detail on that in a moment. You will need to use these lines to fill every single tile, which does give a few different options on how to actually complete some of these puzzles, making it very fun to watch! Some levels have tiles in them that look like they are made of colored wood, with entrances and exits. You can drag lines through at specific entrances to specific exits, so that you can have more than one line on the same tile.

Otherwise, their paths cannot cross. In the single player mode of Flowlines VS. you will find yourself taking on a bunch of puzzles, trying to fill the area and connect pairs of colored tiles at your own pace. There are stars depending on your moves, but the multiplayer mode takes it to a new level. You and up to three of your friends will all have the same puzzle, but will be racing to finish yours before anyone else finishes theirs. You can pick a few options, like how big the board is and how many points you need to achieve to end the game. 

Flowlines VS.

Flowlines VS. is a simple game, visually it’s easy to understand and follow what is going on. However, playing the levels against someone can really trip you up with all of the pressure! You need to think quick and move even more quickly – or at least I needed to when facing Dann.

You can find Flowlines VS. on Xbox and Nintendo Switch

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