Feed All Monsters is a tricky but cute puzzler

Becoming a keeper for a bunch of little monsters may sound like an easy task – until they are all hungry. Then, you and your fellow workers will need to work together to feed them, as many times as they need to be fed. Feed All Monsters is a line puzzling game, aimed at being cosy and cute – and it does achieve that goal.

You have a team of three workers that are aimed at delivering food to the various monsters in the park – though you do only start out with one to get a feel of the game and better understand how they each work, and then gradually more get introduced. These different delivery people have different skills, which are shown at the side of the screen. Some move farther than others, some carry more meals. This will need to be kept in mind as you try to plan your route.

In each level of Feed All Monsters, you will choose what starting space your individual delivery people start at, and then define the line that they take. Each time they are adjacent to a monster, they will feed that monster. Monsters have a set number of minimum feeds they want, but you can feed them a bit extra if you would like.

Feed All Monsters

Feed All Monsters does become a planning game, where you need to make your routes without blocking another person’s, and feed the monsters until they are full. You can, at any point, draw backwards to get rid of your line, and there is no timer or score at the end of each level, creating a relaxing puzzle game. I really enjoyed the graphics of Feed All Monsters as well; looking like a wholesome and cute game.

You can currently play a demo of Feed All Monsters for free on Steam, and wishlist the game!

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