Empty. is a curious, relaxing puzzle game

I have not come across many different puzzle games that rely on perspective in the same way that Empty. does. In this relaxing puzzle game, you will find yourself slowly getting rid of everything in a room, by blending them into the same color walls so that they cannot be seen and then disappear.

This is done by rotating the world around – and you can go everywhere in the game. Below the room, above the room, all around it. Moving the room so that an object with the same color as the wall blends together and is not seen at all, will result in that object being removed from the room all together. Often there is objects on top of other objects, which can be quite in the way, so you’ll need to think about the order and tweak the perspective.

As you make it through these rooms, you will sometimes see levels with words that need to be spun and pulled together, to create a mysterious message about what is going on. With 19 levels in the game, there is a lot of different puzzles for you to solve and it can take quite a bit of time to snap the different objects into the right position. Empty. has a lot of really interesting perspectives, and the use of colors is very unique. I found myself carefully moving items about, and often when a tricky item came up, it seemed very fun to finally get it into place.

It’s one of those games that makes you think outside the box, as you move the room around and start to explore how the world changes. The perspective that you shift and tweak has you think about these different perspectives and how to easily make all of these objects disappear. Empty. is a really interesting game that is well worth your time.

You can play Empty. for free, in your browser on itch.io, as well as on Android and iOS.

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