Dude, Stop!

Dude, Stop! is a very funny puzzler

Ever want to play a puzzle game where your google is to just annoy everyone involved? Where the puzzles aren’t obvious, but you have the choice to either ruin things or make things better? Dude, Stop! is a comedic puzzle game where you are free to do whatever you want, in an attempt to either follow what the narrator wants, or to annoy them.

Each level is pretty free form, with a bunch of screens that you can interact with. Dude, Stop! showcases how many different scenes there are above you, and if you have passed or failed each one. Once you have completed all of the scenes, you will then get to see what sort of trophy you got, and what items you unlocked. These levels have their open shelves of stuff, which at first, are outlined. You can scroll over them to see hints on how to earn these items to fill your shelf, and will get them rewarded to you after you have completed all the scenes.

Dude, Stop!

Dude, Stop! is narrated, by a narrator who is disappointed when you mess up and gets annoyed when you try to annoy them, making for a great person to actually annoy. Some levels have just small grunts of annoyance, like when you are filling out a test and pick that the Earth is flat and run by lizards, whereas others have massive moments of disappointment while you completely fail to listen to the narrator. 

Some of the newer areas of this game have you interacting with dogs and cats as well, in the form of an educational video with a completely different (and more boring, to be honest) narrator. You can still mess with these levels, mess up the area, and generally cause chaos! I found this to be interesting, especially with the new voice, and fun to explore and gain more items.

Dude, Stop! is a puzzle game that doesn’t take itself very seriously. It’s funny, well thought out, and simple in the levels themselves. I really enjoy dipping into this game from time to time, to see what items I can finally unlock to fill up my shelves.

You can purchase Dude, Stop! on Steam.

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