Dorfromantik is a peaceful, stunning puzzle game

When it comes to relaxing, puzzle based games – I love seeing ones where you can create a stunning, beautiful world. There is a lot of strategy and thought behind the placement of the world tiles in Dorfromantik, but as you build this beautiful world up, there is so much fun to be had.

The entire world is on a hex-tile based grid. You are able to place little tiles on the map, rotating them before placing them. Streams can be placed so that boats can get around, tracks can create train lines, and different resources can be placed near each other to help them grow. There are lots of really cute and colorful aspects to this world – the biomes have colored panels, like large flat rocks, that come in lots of different colors.

You can see if tiles should be near each other before you place them, as there is a little icon that appears above the tile letting you know if there is a bonus when you place it down in that spot. In Dorfromantik, as you create routes and trails around, boats appear and plot along. Trains take the paths, animals start frolicking through the fields. It’s a beautiful world to watch and see as it comes to life.

Some of the procedurally generated tiles have quests on them; windmills want to be around grain fields, trains want to have a bunch of tracks attached to them, forests want to have a set number of trees. These different goals can unlock more tiles for you to place, so you can continue to grow your world. If you do run out of tiles, the world is complete and over. Though there is no timer for you to race against, there is a score that is being calculated as you place tiles. If you want to beat the high score, you’ll need to think carefully before placing them down.

I got the chance to get my hands on a demo of the Nintendo Switch build of Dorfromantik at Gamescom, where I loved watching my own world come to life. You can currently purchase the game on Steam.

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