Don't Touch this Button!

Don’t Touch this Button! requires you to ignore instructions

Don’t Touch this Button! is one of those puzzle games where the narrator, or in this case a bunch of signs, is actually what you need to ignore and actually work against! In this first person puzzle game, you are put into a room that often has at least one button. There are often at least one sign in each room as well, giving you a specific instruction.

The first sign, predictably, is Don’t Touch this Button! You will need to ignore this, and instead, touch the button, which will open the door and allow you into the next room. Over time, the signs start to tell directions to move too, what specific button to press, and even vague things like “watch your step” as a clue.

Often, you will find hazards in the room; spikes, giant holes into space, and lasers can be found in some areas. Many of the signs will be challenging, especially as you figure out how to completely go against them and create some sort of opposite to what they want, but that’s the puzzle. Soon you even get a block, to be thrown, which can break vases and trigger buttons themselves.

Don't Touch this Button!

Don’t Touch this Button! is an interesting game, and one that will make you think. The levels themselves are quick to make it through, and often you can trial and error them if you do not know the answer. Even if you are to die, you will just respawn at the door, giving yourself another go! It’s interesting to see what the signs will say and what will be in the next room, especially as the rooms start to come apart and the world seems to get a bit more strange.

Don’t Touch this Button! is out on PC, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

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