Don’t Bug Me

Don’t Bug Me allows you to annoy people

It is so fun to annoy someone. There is just something satisfying about being able to actually annoy them. So, in puzzle games like Don’t Bug Me, naturally, you are actually able to bug the character in the game!

Don’t Bug Me has a bug counter, which will tell you how close they are to being so frustrated that they move you onto the next level. Each of the rooms act as a level, showcasing the person or people you can annoy, as well as lots of different items for you to interact with. Some do have doors to other rooms that can appear too, which slowly build as you continue to move forward in the game.

Don’t Bug Me

At first, a lot of these situations are ones you can relate too! You are just trying to watch TV, as a young person, in your room or you are looking to tidy up the garden and do some lawn mowing and watering. You can almost see how you would be annoyed in these situations, then literally inflict that onto the character in the level.

In Don’t Bug Me, there are more characters, live vampires, that you can annoy through the knowledge you probably have of vampires generally. You are able to skip any levels that you do not want to do, using the pause menu and at the end of completing a level, you are given a star score depending on how efficiently you were able to annoy the character or characters.

Throughout the levels, there are also moving bugs, primarily, that you can collect in your own collectable room, which you can slightly customize by changing the wall and floor color. This is a very cute touch! Don’t Bug Me is a really funny idea and makes for a funny puzzle game that does have you looking at rooms as full of annoyances.

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