Dog's Donuts

Dog’s Donuts is adorable, physics based puzzler

When it comes to physics-based puzzle games, there isn’t a game currently on my xbox that’s not as adorable as Dog’s Donuts. In this pixel art game, each level has a dog who just wants to eat five donuts. He doesn’t care how it happens, it’s just what he wants to do with his time!

The only issue is, the donuts are fired out of a cannon, which sometimes isn’t lined up with the little pup, so you will need to find a way to get these donuts to them before you run out! Your cannon has a limited number, displayed in the upper, left hand part of the screen, to keep an eye on it. Luckily, you have several machines to help you!

Most of these machines are placeable in the world. A fan can blow donuts upwards, a platform or circle can bounce them around, a little drone can grab donuts and swing them from a rope. There is also a shovel, for digging up dirt and creating a better path, when needed. You will need to pick where these machines are placed, and then can edit them. This will change slightly how they work; platforms can have a bigger or smaller bounce, the roles swinging donuts can be longer or shorter. These small tweaks can make a difference. 

Dog's Donuts

You see, a lot of the levels are about timing – getting a donut around an obstacle and to the little puppy, giving them enough time to eat the donut before another comes. Dog’s Donuts has you making sure that everything is timed correctly, in the right place, and tuned so that you can fill up that pup’s tummy. You aren’t given more rewards if you have extra donuts leftover and if you run out, you will need to reset the whole level, so you can take your time on each level and figure it out on your own!

Recently, Dog’s Donuts came out on Xbox, where it does have a few technical issues that I am sure will be fixed in a bit. Currently, there is a little mouse cursor that does need to be moved with the thumbstick, however it will drift slightly on its own. This makes it challenging to use the drones, which require you to push a button on your controller to trigger the donut being let go of by the rope. 

Otherwise, Dog’s Donut is a really cute, fun physics based puzzle game with 40 levels for you to explore and enjoy. The machines are introduced slowly, through the first few levels, which allows you to get used to them before having to combine too many machines at once. 

You can find Dog’s Donut on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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