Coral Cove

Coral Cove is a stunning match-3 game with a twist

Coral Cove is a beautiful, underwater themed game where you are trying to build a giant coral reef, before you run out of tiles. In Coral Cove, you have a bunch of different tiles in a large stack. You can have a hint as to what tile is coming up based on the color of the outside of the tiles, so you can plan a bit ahead as you place.

As you place out these tiles, they will connect if you get three of the same ones near each other, creating a new plant or bit of coral in it’s place. Sometimes, it actually only takes two of these tiles to connect, based on the type of terrain that you have built it on. At first, you only have a small amount of land to build on, but over time you can end up with more floor tiles by building close to the edge and getting things to connect. Sometimes the tiles that appear will have dead plants on them, which can be removed by combining near them, creating a tile you can then build on.

Coral Cove

Coral Cove also has some different quest pillars that appear here and there around the map, which have various quest signs on them. These quests want specific plants build on them or placed on them, to then give you a bigger level. You may find it hard to do so many things in Coral Cove, with the limited number of tiles, but each time anything combines you will end up with more tiles added to your stack, dependent on how many combos it would take to get there.

Coral Cove is a really relaxing puzzle game, where you are just placing things together and building a coral reef. Fish start to pop and appear around, which is really lovely to see, though sometimes there are natural disasters that can clear out your reef, which can either help you by making more room or harm you by making it less possible to make matches. Coral Cove is a lovely, fun puzzle game deep down in the ocean.

Currently, Coral Cove has a targeted release of 2023, but there is a free demo on Steam.

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