Clotheslines has you connecting up matching rooms

When it comes to puzzle games that rely a lot on being able to look at small details and contexts, Clotheslines has you trying to figure things out based on just what you are looking at. In this game, there are two different buildings, one on the left hand side and one on the right. These two different buildings have a bunch of rooms, that all need to be seen.

You need to connect these rooms, creating a clothing line between the two, but you can only connect the two that go together. These rooms are adorable; a painter in one, some animals peacefully sleeping in another, a little mouse cooking in a third. All of the rooms in Clotheslines have cute little details, requiring you to look at the rooms and decide what is the best room to connect them too.

If you get a room wrong, nothing bad happens. The line just fails to connect so you can continue looking at the rooms that are left and try to connect them. At first, I was trying to connect each character to an empty room that seemed similar, but it turns out, you can connect rooms that each have characters if they fit well together!

Clotheslines is a really cute little game, it’s relaxing to fit the rooms together and it’s easy to sort of understand what is going on. You can see the differences in the rooms, see how much care was put into those details, and see how it was set up to match the other room subtly. The game itself only lasts a little while, but it feels wonderful to connect the different rooms and see what each character would most likely enjoy. If you are looking for a cute puzzle game to play in your downtime, Clotheslines is a very good option.

You can find Clothesline for free, in your browser, on PC.

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