Chessformer is a new take on the game of Chess

Chessformer is a new take on Chess, incorporating a grid-based puzzle platformer into the mix! Taking the logic for each different type of cheese piece, you need to move around a map, trying to take your opponents pieces by landing on it. 

In some levels of Chessformer, you only have one chess piece to move around, and it’s pretty straight forward. It’s not a turn-based game, so you are the only player moving around the level, as per the restrictions of that specific piece. When selecting a piece, it can actually show where you can move the piece too. If you want to rewind a move, you can also do that, in case you mis-clicked or changed your mind.

Chessformer is a challenging puzzle platformer, with a very unique way of movement, through the pieces that are on the screen. You can always make your way to your opponent, and topple them. Once you have removed the piece, you will then move onto the next level. If at any point you get really stuck, you can go back to the menu navigation, and then select another level around the levels that you are taking on to try out. The levels you have completed are showcased in a different color.


Chessformer takes a classic game – chess – and brings it to a whole new light in a completely different medium. I really love the amount of creativity and fun that has been placed into the design of the game. Even if you aren’t completely sure exactly how chess pieces move, you can totally play Chessformer due to the guide when you select a piece anyway. It’s a good way to learn the moves of the pieces, even.

Chessformer has a free demo on ArmorGames, as well as a full game listed on Steam.

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