Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is an adorable pipe puzzler

Cherry Creek is a pretty puzzle game about changing the flow of rivers so that all of the trees in an area are able to actually get some water and bloom. It’s a simple game to learn, with some challenging levels, depending on how you want to play

Gameplay in Cherry Creek is quite simple to understand. There is a large grid on your screen, made up of a variety of square tiles, most with pipe-like routes on them. Like other pipe puzzlers, you can then rotate the tile, so that the pipe changes side. This can be used to connect the pipes together and ensure they are in the right place. If you want to lock a tile in place, as you are very sure it is correct, you can do so as well! 

Your goal in each level is to ensure that all of the trees are connected to the water fountain using these routes.There are various different gameplay types to pick, from a relaxing mode to a hardcore mode, with plenty of options inebtween. This will allow you to play in whatever way you’d like. Even in normal mode, at the end of the level, you will get to see how long it took you to complete that level.

Cherry Creek
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Once you have watered all of the trees in Cherry Creek, blossoms float away from them, creating a really beautiful end of the scene. It’s a really fun puzzle game with a cute look to it, and you have so many different options to how intense you want the game to be, which is a huge plus! I do enjoy pipe puzzle games in general, especially if they have this many options and are so adorable to play around with.

You can find Cherry Creek on and Steam.

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