Bonfire Peaks

Bonfire Peaks has you burning your stuff

Sometimes, moving on can be a really challenging task. Instead of having stuff around that reminds you of the past, Bonfire Peaks challenges you to burn all your stuff and move forward, instead of holding onto your belongings and being stuck in the past.

Bonfire Peaks is a 3D, isometric puzzle game where you need to move around with boxes. Some of these boxes will be placed and used to get to higher places, while others clearly contain items that must be brought to a fire and burnt. There is something truly freeing about slowly burning all of your stuff. Solving these puzzles almost feels like getting ready to let go, as you are finally able to let yourself burn your things.

Movement is something that you will need to pay attention to in Bonfire Peaks, as when you hold a box, you are then taking up two squares worth of the board. This means that you cannot actually move in a way that would be blocked by the boxes.  Larger boxes take up more space, and the angle at which you grab them will determine how limited your movement will be.  You can pick up boxes that are stacked on top of each other, to carry more than one, which will help you better move around the level and solve puzzles.

BonFire Peaks has a really relaxing feel to it. Maybe it’s the peaceful fires in the background or maybe it’s the lovely, soft music that’s playing. Despite the levels being quite challenging, it just feels right to take your time and see where you end up. At any point, you can also just have your character sit down, and just exist in the world as it is. 

This game is one that will challenge you, but getting through the challenge makes the task of burning your box of stuff all the more rewarding. It’s a lovely, well made puzzle game that’s worth your time. 

You can find Bonfire Peaks on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

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