Betty & Earl

Betty & Earl – a cute, sliding block puzzler

Betty & Earl is an adorable little block sliding puzzle game where you are looking to unite Betty and Earl, so that they can explode in a fusion of color! You see, these two characters want to be together, however, the whole world is connected. This means that every time you move one of the characters, the other character (and anyone else on the screen) will move in that direction until they hit something.

Most of the time in Betty & Earl, you are hitting walls and then using those walls to connect the two characters. If you connect both of them on the tile with the heart, you then get a heart on that level in the main screen; and the explosion is so much bigger! As you get deeper into the game, however, more objects start appearing in the levels. Sharp objects find their way onto the floor, which can hurt either of the characters if they land on it, killing them. Spikes, thankfully, do not move.

Betty & Earl

But, then, strangers can also appear, who can explode when they collide with Betty & Earl. You can trick the strangers to moving onto the spikes, killing them and removing the spikes, however it takes planning and careful movements to ensure you are not harming or putting your main characters in an endless loop. There is an undo and restart button, which can help in unstoppable situations.

Despite looking like a simple game, Betty & Earl does continue to pick up pace, adding in new mechanics like fire that spreads and locked doors that need keys to fix. There are a few different optional levels within the select menu, which you can play if you are looking for a bit of a challenge. The game boosts to have over 100 of these levels, which are aimed at delighting players instead of frustrating them – this is shown with the adorable, colorful colliding of the characters.

You can wishlist Betty & Earl on Steam, ahead of it’s release later this year. There is also a free demo on offer, as apart of the Steam Next Fest.

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  1. This looks really interesting and done in such a way that all could enjoy without realising they are learning.

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