Top 5 Mobile Word-Based Puzzle Games

Whether you want to dive into the world of word puzzles to train your brain, increase your vocabulary or just for the fun of knowing words, there are lots of games out there. Often, word puzzles look really boring and simplistic, but we’ve created a list of the top 5 mobile word based puzzle games, that include a variety of games that are adorable and sleek looking, to give you some variety to your word games! Hopefully, you can find the perfect word game for your mobile device below.

Bonza Word Puzzle

Bonza Word Puzzle takes crosswords and creates a puzzle game based on it. Unlike Scrabble, where you can create a word on a gift, there are a bunch of different grid pieces, which have letters connected either vertically or horizontally, which you then need to connect together to form actual words. You essentially created the crossword puzzle out of pieces, instead of using the individual letters to create a crossword puzzle. It’s challenging and an interesting look at crossword puzzles! 

Bonza Word Puzzle can be found on iOS and Android.

Hexicon: Strategy Word Game

Hexicon is a word-based puzzle game that has a strategy element to it, in the form of area control. You are able to play solar or against a friend, and select words by linking tiles that are near each other together. If this does make a word, you then get that area highlighted in your color. You can gain some of your opponent’s color by creating words using letters they have previously claimed – and you can make your color darker by claiming your own letters a few times, to solidify your territory. It’s a really competitive word puzzler.

Hexicon can be found on Android and iOS.


Anagrams is a word based puzzle game where you are looking to find anagrams, however, the font used in the game makes some letters symmetrical, vertically, which means that you can rotate each letter to create various new letters, changing the anagram that may be hidden before you. Anagrams will change how you think about the word, as there are different perspectives as you rotate the font and find hidden letters, making this game challenging and unique.

Anagrams can be found on Android and iOS.

Words for a Bird

Words for a Bird is a word based puzzle game where you are looking to figure out and type out the next letter in the story, which is all about a little bird in a tree. The letters you can choose from are in the leaves, all jumbled around, and several of the letters are there to fake you out and not used in the word at all. The white box in the middle of the screen, right before you type, acts as a little clue to help you figure out the word you want, but if you need another hint, there is a lightbulb icon to help you! Words for a Bird is a short game, but well worth playing.

Words for a Bird can be found on Android and iOS.

Alphabear: Words Across Time

Alphabear: Words Across Time is a really quirky and adorable looking puzzle based word game that has you selecting letters on the screen to create words at the bottom of the screen. When you spell out words using letters that are next to each other, bears will appear on the screen. As you use more letters, these bears will grow and you will get more points. There are a lot of different collectables and rewards in Alphabear: Words Across Time, which can really motivate some!

Alphabear: Words Across Time can be found on Android and iOS.

And there you have it, a handful of cherry-picked the top 5 mobile word based games with a variety of different graphic styles and different ways to play. Hopefully, by adding these games to your mobile device, you can expand your mind and your vocabulary.

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