Alveole is a one screen, club based puzzler

Alveole is a single screen puzzle game where you need to use the clues around the screen to actually figure out what you are meant to do. There aren’t many directions, just tiny hints, and an open screen for you to attempt to solve!

Alveole is a strange game, showcasing a person running in a hamster wheel. This person will get in and start running each time you start the game. Around this wheel there are tons of different smaller objects; a dinosaur, a cat, some glasses, etc. There are also a bunch of dotted squares, which will contain photos as you unlock the different puzzles in them.

As you make different decisions and unlock different puzzles, you will get these photos that will then go on the wall around you. You can see which ones you have unlocked, and see what clues are still on the screen, as clues will disappear when you have used them to unlock their photo. As the character runs around the wheel, spikes appear which you can jump over or trip over, depending on what you want to do. 


As you play the game, some of the clues will even start animating or making noise, if you are following them, while others will just be there, waiting for the end of your puzzle so that you can be assigned their photo. Alveole is a short game, but an interesting experience, especially as there are no hints, so it’s down to figuring out exactly what you need to do. I find that having a friend there to help me was useful, as they had more guesses as to what the clues meant that I did not understand. 

Alveole is an interesting puzzle game that will get you scratching your head. It’s one that you can play through in one sitting, if you are determined to understand the various clues!

You can purchase Alveole on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and PC.

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