A Webbing Journey

A Webbing Journey sees you using webs to get around

I often do not find that platformers are puzzle games – to me, they are often a platformer with puzzles, instead of something puzzle first. However, I found A Webbing Journey to be more puzzle than platformer, so had to write about it. A Webbing Journey is a 3D puzzle platformer where you are playing as a little spider, looking to make your way around a big world.

You see, spiders have abilities. They can shoot webs, climb around places, and pull things closer to them. Your spider isn’t hyper realistic or creepy, and sometimes wears a hat! They look cute with their big, googly-eye inspired eyes, and silly little legs. The world itself is quite open in A Webbing Journey; you can wander around everywhere. There are various other little creatures around the world, that have different quests for you to solve.

The puzzle element in A Webbing Journey comes in the way that you interact with objects and move around. Often, you will need to shoot out a web and pull something forward, so that you can get around. You might need to build a bridge, and then cross it or create a big spider web to crawl on. Or use your web to swing around an area, in hopes of making it to the next. When your other insect friends ask favors of you, you will find yourself climbing up trees and attempting to knock down fruit, using your webs or pulling acorns in from the water and trying to push them into the right area.

A Webbing Journey has so many of these little, optional quests that take advantage and use these webs in such interesting ways. It’s quite a fun game, even if it is about spiders, and the world feels so colorful and adorable. Moving around itself is fun and there is so much to do! I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on the full game, especially after playing the demo at Gamescom.

You can currently play the demo of A Webbing Journey on Steam and wishlist the game for it’s 2023 release.

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