A Snake's Tale

Slitter to your home in A Snake’s Tale

When it comes to moving snakes through a tile-based game, you can find lots of different ways to get in the way. A Snake’s Tale gives you levels where you need to get your specific snake to a hole, so that they can slither down to their home. 

Clearing the path to the hole is not always a straightforward task. Often, you will find, there are objects in the way, other snakes to move, buttons to push and more to make things more challenging. As you move through the levels in A Snake’s Tale, you will discover different environments and have different trails of levels to follow, so if a level is particularly challenging, you can just pick a new route to go in for a bit. I love puzzle games that allow for alternative levels, so that nothing feels too challenging.

The movement of the snakes in A Snake’s Tale is really lovely. It feels really fun to drag around the snake, watching it slither around before going into their hole. The levels change to have different environments, with other features that you cannot go onto (like water or toxic waste tanks) is also a fun addition to the game. 

As you get to more complex levels within A Snake’s Tale, you will start to use other snakes to trigger buttons, which then open the hole that you need to go down. These extra challenges really change your perspective. You can even start eating eggs, which makes you longer, and can cause problems when it comes to moving around the tight spaces in the level. 

A Snake’s Tale has plenty of challenging levels to take you through, with a lot of well designed puzzles to challenge your mind. There isn’t a set timer or number of moves you need to make to the end of each level, which provides for a relaxing pace to the game.

A Snake's Tale

You can find A Snake’s Tale on PC, Android and iOS.

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