A Little to the Left

Satisfying organizing in A Little to the Left

You know those videos on TikTok where people clean a massive room or re-organise a space? I really love watching those. It feels so satisfying, seeing the end goal of things all set up and organized. A Little to the Left has the same sort of feeling, as you look to organize and correct anything that seems to be in the slightly wrong place.

A Little to the Left has beautiful, drawn levels, where there is some unsaid goal. In front of you, you might have a bunch of fruit in a row, or a pile of keys or maybe a bunch of stationary. You will then need to play around and figure out what you need to do in that area. Fruit needs to be spun around, with their large number of stickers removed (seriously, who put so many stickers on these fruit?), a bunch of keys might need to be lined up, from biggest to smallest. Stationary stacked up, so everything is in a perfect pile.

Once you have solved the level, A Little to the Left then shows you a star count. Some levels only have one star to earn, while others have two or three even, that you can get. These stars don’t seem to mean much, and literally will disappear right before you get to the next level, so I don’t pay much mind to them! 

A Little to the Left

The variety in each of these different puzzles really make A Little to the Left stand out. Each puzzle feels like it has lots of everyday items that you could have in your own home. One of the first is a basket of cat toys, which I have put together in our household dozens of times. Getting everything organized and in place feels lovely and satisfying, as the puzzle then takes a moment, before going to the next area.

A Little to the Left is planned on releasing this year on Steam. There is currently a free demo to play right now.

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