A Castle Full of Cats

A Castle Full of Cats is spooky and adorable

It’s October, which often means Halloween. For some, Halloween means horror, but for me, Halloween means cute, adorable, and spooky. A Castle Full of Cats is an ideal October game for someone like me; it’s a hidden object puzzle game where you are looking to find some cute cats and free them! These cats have been abandoned and cursed by an evil human, who has turned them into haunted creatures. You play as Lily, looking to free them and find her beloved cat as well.

In this game, you are given a whole screen to look at, which is full of cats. At the top, left hand side of the screen, you have a bat with two wings. The yellow number is the number of cats you can see in the room and click on, while the blue number is the number of hidden cats around that room. Hidden cats basically need you to click something that looks like it could open up or have something hidden instead, and a cat will appear!

A Castle Full of Cats

Once you have selected a cat in A Castle Full of Cats, they change color, becoming more obvious in the picture. These cats also change the way they look. Previously, they were sort of hidden, little outlines of cats. Once found, they have more life to them, often looking less spooky too. Finding cats in a new room is quick at first, but then you need to start zooming in to really see the hidden ones. Each screen has one hint that can be used by clicking on your bat, which will find one cat for you.

A Castle Full of Cats has some doors that have massive numbers on them, requiring you to find that many cats before you can enter that room. With that in mind, there are other doors in areas that can lead you to a whole new area, despite looking like a regular door. This sort of discovery seems to be weaved through every aspect of this game. There are even large cats in some areas, which give you bite-sized stories about the castle you are in.

A Castle Full of Cats is planned to be announced on Halloween this year. You can wishlist the game on Steam and play a demo as apart of the Steam Next Fest.

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